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Fungi Family

Started in 2015 as a part time hobby, 'the brothers' Mark and Joe Lunetto began growing varieties of mushrooms that were often hard to obtain in the supermarket (and always expensive). 

Much like the speedy growth of mycelium, the hobby quickly turned into an obsession. Their grow room has doubled in square footage twice over the past few years to make room for straw logs of colorful Oyster mushrooms and more difficult to grow medicinal species like Reishi and Lions Mane. The patience of waiting until a bag of mushroom spawn is fully colonized and ready to fruit is always worth the wait. 

You can think of Mark as the tinkerer ... always constructing a new technique to grow larger yields in a small space. Joe is the lab mastermind ... keeping everything clean and moving to harvest large beautiful clusters for local chefs and markets. 

Quality is our mission - We 're so glad to have you follow along with our mycological journey. 

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