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Lions Mane Spawn

Lions Mane Spawn

SKU: 284215376135191

Difficulty: Intermediate. Lions Mane is really quite a simple mushroom to grow at home. The trick is to be careful not to mist directly on the fruiting body. Resembling a sort of soft-ball with a beard, the lions mane mushroom is unique in that it doesnt grow the traditional stem, cap, and gills that are so commonly recognized on a mushroom. A medicinal mushroom as well as delicious, the lions mane will cook and brown nicely in the pan with oil or butter and tastes a little nutty and reminicent of seafood. (hericium erinaceus).


    One 5lbs fully colonized spawn bag. Additional steps are still needed to successfully fruit mushrooms. 


    Refunds allowed within 30 days if product shows any sign of defect. 


    Ships from Santa Ana California 3-5 business days upon completeion of order.

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